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Five tracks on a Friday. The theme of this Friday is overalls and illusions. These tracks agreeably accompany a lazy afternoon, a nighttime car ride, or a postprandial game of monopoly. Here's a playlist with all the songs, for easy listening and whatnot: the playlist with all the songs.

1. Blue Boy - Mac Demarco

Calm down, sweetheart; your haircut looks great. Sounds like lying on half green, half yellow grass during the tail end of a do-nothing summer.

2. Clay Pigeons (Blaze Foley cover) - Michael Cera

Michael Cera wears overalls, right? Lulling guitar and Michael Cera's beautiful voice will bring joy to all Arrested Development fans and fans of good music alike.

3. Highway Patrol Stun Gun - Youth Lagoon

Do you remember when no one danced the same? Akin to watching as a wall of LEDs slowly changes colors, from red to green to orange to blue, then suddenly starts dancing in a flashing display of light and color.

4. As Far As I Can See - Phantogram

I love you man; I love you. Comparable to the first scene of Up where there's a lot going on and it seems kinda happy at first but then boom Ellie dies and you read the lyrics and maybe it's actually a bit sad, but you still like it.

5. Lady Daydream - Mr Twin Sister

You know when you're in class, and you're focusing on everything but the prof, and you just kind of drift off into space? This is the song that is playing in your mind. Well, it's the song that should be playing.

Blue Boy
Clay Pigeons
Highway Patrol Stun Gun
As Far As I Can See
Lady Daydream


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