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Fem spår på en fredag. The theme of this Friday is fuzzy fem. These tracks will fit comfortably alongside an afternoon of econometrics, an early morning shower, or a rainy Tuesday. Here's a playlist with all the songs: the playlist with all the songs.

1. Birthday Song - Frankie Cosmos

A birthday song about hating everybody and sitting alone. Frankie seems like a cupcake kind of person.

2. Cool Slut - Chastity Belt

Just four girls from Walla Walla Washington singing about being sluts. If this song was a person, it would wear relaxed blue jeans (slightly worn) and colorful wool sweaters.

3. Mr. Oh so Suave & Debonaire - Gaze

What's better, the song title or the song itself? A possible candidate for "play-it-to-your-friend-who-just-got-dumped-as-you-comfort-her" song.

4. 90210 - The Courtneys

I love letting the ocean fill me with emotion. But when the ocean's not nearby, this song'll do. Fun fact: Mac Demarco and The Courtneys are buds.

5. Fir Coat - Widowspeak

This song is about firs and coats and maybe fur coats or possibly fir coats. Perhaps a fir coat is fashion nouveau, Derelicte, manic menswear. I cannot say for sure.

Birthday Song
Cool Slut AKA one of the greatest music vids ever
Mr. Oh so Suave & Debonaire
Fir Coat


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