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Q: If you had a daemon, what would it be? The theme of this Friday is muses. Listen whilst reading Pyramus and Thisbe, wallowing in idealism, or eating a breakfast burrito. Here's a playlist with all the songs: the playlist with all the songs.

1. Oblivion - Grimes

A: the hyena, and/or the baluga. Lithe & infectious & pop & as joyously floaty as backstroking through a pool of air.

2. Coffee - Sylvan Esso

Rhythmically mesmerizing.

3. Running With The Wolves - Aurora

Watching Aurora sing is like observing a non-creepy exorcism, or watching the invention of really emotive sign language. She sings in a mythical way, emitting emotion with word and sound.

4. Animal Tracks - Mountain Man

A trio of liberal arts women (one of whom is the singer in Sylvan Esso) who harmonize even better than those girls in Pitch Perfect. This song belongs in a fairy tale, or maybe one of the more happy/wistful scenes of The Lord of the Rings.

5. Lucky - Kat Edmonson

These sounds are similar to a light mizzle on a sunny day.

Running With The Wolves
Animal Tracks


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