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We really wanted love. The theme of this Friday is ambiguous love. Have a listen while thinking too hard about a text, scrolling Facebook, or spinning in a chair. Here's a playlist with all the songs: the playlist with all the songs.

1. Vow - Sales

Minimal (but distinct) percussion + simple and clear electric guitar melodies + textured female vocals.

2. Beyond Love - Beach House

The instrumental is oh so good to the point where I don't really care what the guy is singing about. Even in this apathetic state the glossolia vocals in combination with the piano/synth/beautiful-noises/etc. are evocative and lovely and slightly sad.

3. Don't Watch Me Dancing - Little Joy

It does an awkward dance in your head. People dancing can be funny/beautiful/awkward/dramatic/breathtaking: this song, too. Maybe not that breathtaking.

4. Waiting - Alice Boman

One of those really simple songs, lyrically speaking, that conveys a simple idea but is emotionally powerful. Here, the idea is "i'm waiting come back i need you i want you." It's ideated nicely.

5. No Time For Us (Acoustic) - Broder Daniel

Another lyrically simple, yet emotionally powerful song.

Beyond Love
Don't Watch Me Dancing
No Time For Us


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