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in a bookstore you'll find
an assortment of items
from actual books to
more knick-knacky trifles
there's the stack of cds
a collection of pens
tees whose bold graphics
recall books past read
once these items are browsed
curiosity sated
it’s time to move on to
the tomes that lay waiting
from cartoons and comics to
movies and fiction
philosophy psychology
a book on addiction
the number of spines may
outnumber us all
and to read through their contents
is a task far too tall
to read even one
might pass the whole day
though you may have the time
i must be on my way
so a visit in short
becomes simple in nature
browse for notable titles
skim         buy for later
in this way a bookshelf
becomes frightening and tall
when the books yet unread
are most numerous of all
and the time left to read becomes
constantly shorter
the clock never stops ticking we just
keep getting older
yet the books don't stop coming
they just keep piling up
while some voice in your brain
whispers words that won't stop
don't worry about
the old books on the shelf
they'll be taken care of
just take care of yourself
keep buying books that you
think you might read
even if they all sit here

in a city you'll find
an assortment of bookstores


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