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your distinguishing feature(s)
if asked to paint you i think i could
not that i’m an artist
not that it would look good
or anything like you
maybe the colors would be right
the headband and ponytail
at least
of what is floating and swirling around in
there might make it
a confession
i’ve never been much for translation
those latin words always fooled me
an inverted ordering and unusual conjugation
could throw off the keenest eye
tasked with putting images on paper
or turning feelings into words
let’s pretend that doodle is imaginary
one second while i adopt intermission smiles and
arboreal debris is awfully fascinating
i saw you yesterday (was it last night?)
sitting next to her
another one
but which is which
faces mutate while we take pictures
to show friends how a dominant feature
can do just that as a young face
becomes a baby and
everyone starts crying
to see how i see you is not necessarily
what i wanted to see
not that i have any control
not that this affects anyone’s reality


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